Women’s Leadership Committee

Encouraging female excellence in agriculture.

About the Leadership Committee

As a women’s organization that officially began in 1921, the Rutherford County Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee currently works as a sub-committee of the Board of Directors for the Rutherford County Farm Bureau. We are a dedicated group of volunteers who seek to make a significant impact by promoting awareness of agricultural issues, health, safety, and knowledge of agriculturally related subjects that impact our producers and the community surrounding us. Our first and foremost agenda is to work to continually educate the general public about farming and ranching practices that have stood the test of time and that impact our world. Some of our programs, projects, and volunteer opportunities are listed below.

Programs Committee

Chair - Charlotte Peay

Chair Elect - Phyllis Ferguson

Co-AITC Chairs - Eyvonne Haynes and Melinda Black

Vice-Chair - Phyllis Ferguson

Secretary - Stacy Fuller

Treasurer - Doris Ann Fitts

Reporters - Charlotte Peay / Laura Vaught

Mission Statement:

To engage women in communication & leadership opportunities empowering them as strong, effective leaders in agriculture.

Educational Programs:

  • Workshops for teachers and free educational materials
  • Farm related books in our ending library
  • Hands on activities conducted with youth
  • School farm day activities
  • School gardens
  • Little Acres Miniature Farm: hands on experience for small children

Citizenship Programs:

  • Advocate for farmers’ rights (local, state, and national)
  • Proper care and welfare of animals promoted
  • Contact with legislators (state and national)
  • Assistance to county organizations
  • Partnerships with other agricultural organizations

Leadership Development:

  • Leadership training for high school students at the National Leadership Forum (we pay for several students to attend each year).
  • Leadership and citizenship opportunities for adults and children.