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Rutherford County Farm Bureau

Supporting our agricultural community since 1923.

Our Mission:

To develop, foster, promote and protect programs for the general welfare, including economic, social, educational and political well-being of farm people of the great state of Tennessee.

To cooperate to this end with other organizations, institutions, and agencies, both private and public, and legislative or administrative bodies charged with the responsibility of enacting or administering laws affecting agriculture.

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Educating the Public

Educating our non-farm neighbors about modern agriculture is one of the challenges that face farm families and farm organizations. As our non-farm neighbors become more removed from their farm roots, the need to educate children from kindergarten through the high school level becomes more urgent. Part of what we at Rutherford County Farm Bureau do is help educate children and adults about exactly where their food comes from – and why it’s important to know.

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Don’t Miss Adventures in Agriculture

Adventures in Agriculture is our annual community event promoting agricultural education and awareness of local farming issues. With family fun for all ages, it is a wonderful way to introduce children to the rural world.

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